Saxophone Studio Overview

One of my favorite elements of being a teacher is the one-to-one relationship in private lessons.  Over the course of private study, I’ve had students receive accolades in district, regional, state, and even national auditions.  Likewise, I’ve also had students that are studying saxophone as a secondary musical element and are just wanting to have better familiarity and facility on the instrument.

I teach almost all students both concert classical and jazz styles.  I feel that as a saxophonist, you should at least be equipped to approach any type of music written for the instrument.  Regardless of idiom, students will work to develop their music literacy, refine a characteristic tone, advance their basics and technique, organize a practice routine, and expand their repertoire.

Practice Routine Examples

Saxophone Handouts

icons8-pdf-48Chromatic Karate – Alto/Bari Saxophone

icons8-pdf-48The Curious Saxophonist’s Listening Guide

icons8-pdf-48SPEED – Saxophone Preparatory Exercises…

icons8-pdf-48Quality Saxophone Gear Recommendations

icons8-pdf-48The Crossover Saxophonist

Jazz Improvisation Handouts

icons8-pdf-48Jazz Articulations

icons8-pdf-48Cycle of Fourths/Fifths

icons8-pdf-48Common Chord Notation

icons8-pdf-48Common Chord Spellings

icons8-pdf-48Decoding Chord Intervals

Saxophone Solo Transcriptions

icons8-pdf-48Transcription Process

icons8-pdf-48“Cheese Cake” – Dexter Gordon (tenor)

icons8-pdf-48“My Shining Hour” – John Coltrane (tenor)

Clinic/Presentation Handouts

icons8-pdf-48“Making it Work” as a Working Musician

icons8-pdf-48Balancing Teacher, Performer, and Administrator

icons8-pdf-48The Geometric Proof of Improvisational Balance

icons8-pdf-48Small Jazz Group Compositional Formatting

icons8-pdf-48Six Simple Steps to Jazz Piano for the “Non-Pianist”

Northland Student Jam Session – Tunes

icons8-pdf-48NSJS – Treble in C

icons8-pdf-48NSJS – Treble in Bb

icons8-pdf-48NSJS – Treble in Eb

icons8-pdf-48NSJS – Bass in C

icons8-pdf-48The “Ten Commandments” of the Jam Session

Missouri Saxophone Literature

icons8-pdf-48MSHSAA PML – Saxophone Recommendations

icons8-spotify-48Solo Level “A” – Advanced: Major Works – Recordings

Missouri All-State Band Audition

icons8-soundcloud-48All-State Concert Band Auditions – Etude Recordings

icons8-internet-48All-State Jazz Band Auditions – Etude Recordings

Music Resource Websites




icons8-internet-48Interlochen Saxophone Institute

Music Resource Videos






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