’19 Resolutions

Over the past year, I have had so many great musical experiences.  Thinking about the upcoming year, I am making a few musical resolutions to help me get more active…on top of the usual do more exercise, get more sleep, and eat more vegetables…

Joel Website(BW full body vertical)

  • Hang at Sessions. Kansas City has a rich history of great sessions; I would like to take advantage of learning from the many great players in town.  Here are three sessions I’d like to hang at more in 2019:
    • Johnnie’s Jazz Bar (Mondays)
    • The Phoenix (Tuesdays)
    • Californos Westport (Wednesdays)
  • Attend Live Shows. There is such a great scene of venues in Kansas City–from players I’ve talked to in other towns, we really have a great range of places for musicians to play.  Here are three live show venues I’d like to attend to watch other groups more in 2019:
    • Westport Coffee House
    • Green Lady Lounge
    • Parkway Social Kitchen
  • Listen to New Records. It’s easy to get in the routine of listening to the same artists that you feel comfortable with.  There is for sure a time to dig in and study the greats, but I would like to expand my appreciation, as well.  Here are three new(ish) records of great modern players I’d like to listen to more:
    • Seamus Blake, Super Conductor
    • Noah Preminger, Genuinity
    • Lucas Pino, That’s a Computer

Have a great 2019–Hope to see you soon! JG

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