The Trouble Clefs

When I was 19-years-old, I wanted to start a big band. As a college freshman, I started sketching out the line up of players, venues we could perform, and charts to acquire.  Spending the spring semester of my first year of college contacting young KC musicians, we had our first practice in May 2012.  What started with a “rough-at-best” rehearsal directed by yours truly became one of the highlights of my college summers and winter breaks. Leading the Trouble Clefs was the single-biggest influence in deciding to pursue music education and jazz studies.  Now years later, I still look back at those friendships and performance with a lot of delight.

11119967_10153642149162018_8843384648558666683_o(Pictured: The Trouble Clefs performing for “Future Stages” at the Kauffman Center!)

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