Review of 2020

Know everyone has had a crazy year! I played a friend’s wedding on March 14th…and am still waiting for my next gig. Recitals this spring and traveling this summer were all quickly canceled due to COVID-19. However, I was still able to do some cool, new, and meaningful things in 2020. Here are my top 10 for the year:

  1. Taught Online Improv Class — helping students with their district auditions!
  2. Gave Zoom Saxophone Lessons – Kansas City, Dallas, and beyond!
  3. Lead Virtual Jazz Band Clinic – Circle of 4th’s is still hip on the internet!
  4. Attended Adam Larson Workshop – This guy knows how to communicate!
  5. Hosted Backyard Jam Session – Great to play with people; hope to do this more!
  6. Attempted to Learn Electric Guitar – Still attempting…
  7. Lead Church Music in Our Living room – Gotta praise somehow!
  8. Released an Album on Social Media – Check out José Zayas Cabán
  9. Watched Concerts via Streaming – Facebook has never been so big!
  10. Coached Socially Distanced Marching Band – as well as won our own competition…

Hope that 2021 will bring more opportunities to make music together!

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